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The Amazon patent is a harbinger of the end of the Wild West epoch on cryptology

Sometimes great dangers take on an innocent appearance. For example, a South American frog-tree frog looks like a children's toy: small, elegant, brightly colored. But this tiny animal contains so much toxin that it's enough to kill ten adults.

In world markets, it has already happened that at first glance, the event caused a reaction of crushing power, capable of radically changing everything.

Scary Patent

What's so special about the news "Amazon Company has patented the technology for tracking data flows related to crypto-currencies"? Every day tens and even hundreds of patents related to decentralized technologies are registered in the world. Most of them are unknown to a wide audience.
TheTracking of data flows, about crypto-currencies, does not matter. Bitcoins are transferred from one purse to another, eka is not seen. But clever men from Amazon specifically stressed that this information is gaining additional value in combination with other data. This is where the danger lurks.

How Amazon prepares to meet crypto currency What is Amazon in 2018? This is a huge online marketplace. World supermarket. The richest company - its capitalization has passed for 700 billion dollars and confidently moves to a trillion. And how much money passes through its trading platform, it is terrible to imagine.

What is Amazon in 2018

Amazon, like other major players, starting in 2013, looking at a new type of assets, slowly introducing them as a means of payment. But decentralized technologies are developing. More and more world companies-giants find them practical application. Take the same Ford patent for traffic regulation with payment by crypto-currencies. And competitors are advancing: the Chinese retailer Alibaba has already announced a future partnership with the platform for smart contracts NEO. These two in a bundle are able to push the world market, even Amazon.

Security vs Anonymity

It seems that the giant online retailer is seriously preparing the ground for future transactions with the crypto currency. Hence the emergence of a patent on data tracking. In themselves they are useless. But if you combine them with other data from the bottomless Amazon database, you will have access to a huge layer of information. For example, by combining the purse number that participated in the purchase and the delivery address of the goods, identify the wallet owner. This information is used by financiers, logisticians, marketers and social networking specialists - in much the same way as analysts from Google on the site.

Security vs Anonymity

But we are talking about cryptornics. That same segment, which above all appreciates anonymity and the inability to track down the owner of the wallet. And here is the opportunity for Amazon to collect data on crypto asset owners becoming critical. Not only that the anonymity of the user turns into convention. Amazon already now declares that it will prevent transactions involving purses whose owners are suspected of fraud. And this means vigilant control.

You can understand the policy of Amazon: with such volumes of transactions, you must take any measures to make them safe. Yes, and most users are on hand: there will be less chance of a rush not a scammer and lose money. After all, complete anonymity is very convenient for covering dark deeds. And honest crypto citizens need more balance between convenience and security. And the free spirit of the young cryptology slowly recedes into the background.

The good news

The good news is that the arrival of big business is a positive signal for cryptology as a whole. Yes, some of the participants, from among the impure ones, will be eliminated. Yes, illegal activities are threatened with criminal liability. But it is because of this that the climate in the crypto-currency market will become healthier.

Once such money is involved in the game, the governments of different countries will have to be determined with the status of the crypto currency, introduce rules for regulating the market - in short, all the processes that are in their infancy will go faster. For crypto-currency investors, this is the first swallow, that little sign that indicates the imminent end of chaos and the formation of order. And no matter how much investors yearned for the former freemen, the order is profitable.